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Welcome to VKUS Jicin web pages

The following text gives a short review of the history of the company and explains its current position and activities.

VKUS Jicin was established in 1950 as a co-operative. At present it has approx. 150 employees. VKUS is managed by a board of directors elected among members. Currently it utilises no loan for operation and keeps all its obligations.

The headquarters of the co-operative, its primary ready-to-wear clothes production line, non-woven textile line, dry cleaning shop and the department of sewing technology are located in Jicin, Eastern Bohemia. Other VKUS plants are located in Vrchlabi and in Horice.

VKUS co-operates with a network of 25 privately-owned dry cleaning shops, and the department of sewing technology provides repairs, purchase and hire of complete technology for ready-to-wear clothes. The co-operative has several retail shops and operates a network of dealers and customers. The distribution depot, managed by the headquarters, is located in Jicin.

VKUS Jicin is a Czech producer and supplier of mainly women's clothes. Our primary target is to sell fashionable and good quality clothes incl. outsize products at a reasonable price, thus making them available to the majority of domestic customers. We also provide goods to customers of EU countries, although this is only a small part of our activities.

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