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Welcome to VKUS Jicin web pages

Dorota VKUS Jicin is an important Czech producer and supplier of fashionable women's ready-to-wear clothes, knitwear and sports clothes, cotton and polyamide protective garments, twill garments, non-woven textile fleeces, cotton and polyester / polyamide fibres, and quilted blankets and pillows.

Our services include dry cleaning of clothes, sale and servicing of sewing machines and ready-to-wear clothes technology.

The review of our activities is given in our E-Shop which also contains details of up-to-date pattern range of all products incl. photographs. You can search it by product type (dresses, trousers, quilted blankets etc.) with an option to select only outsize products. The pattern range is updated continuously; however, we regret that a full description of our products is available in the Czech language only.

Haika Basic information about our company can be found under the label History.

VKUS Jicin takes part in approx. 50 fashion exhibitions and business events each year, the most important of them being listed in Exhibitions. These events are used to present the most up-to-date pattern range.

Other pages of regional importance, such as a list of cleaning shops, or shops, are available only in Czech. However, please feel free to turn to us with any questions at mail@vkus.cz.

Thank you for visiting our web pages.

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